Countdown to 4 years!

We are so excited for our 4 year anniversary to arrive! Getting married to Jake is the best thing I've ever done. I love him so much and I know I can always rely on him. He's such a hard worker and does so much for me and I really appreciate it! I love you Jacob, I can't wait for our many anniversaries to come.

Countdown to our Anniversary!

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jackson Hole & Yellowstone

Jake and I went to Jackson Hole & Yellowstone over the weekend to celebrate our 4 year anniversary! It was our first trip just the two of us and we had the best time. We got to drive the Corvette down which definitely made the ride more fun since I hate car trips.

Here is Jake loving life driving the Corvette. We did get up to 140 mph! 

We got to Yellowstone first and stayed at the Hibernation Station which was so cute! We had our own little cabin and it was nice and cozy. Our first night we just went out on the town and looked at all the cute little shops and had dinner. Then we went to the IMAX theater & saw a movie about Yellowstone!

Here's Jake chillin in the best lookin chair int he cabin

Gettin ready to take off to drive through the park!

In the morning we headed out to drive through Yellowstone Park. Sad to say we didn't see all the much. We did see a huge Elk right not he side of the road that was eating and didn't even mind the people standing 3 feet away from him. Here he is!

And here are some pictures of Yellowstone! 

Here's Jacob lookin for Bears.. no luck :(

Then we stopped by the infamous waterfall and it was so gorgeous... Pictures can't do it justice. 

Then we stopped at Old Faithful and our favorite part were the crystal clear water that were in the ground. I honestly could not believe the colors that were there and how clear everything was. 

After we got done there we went to Jackson Hole and got settled at Cowboy Village. We were so exhausted for some reason so we slept till it was dinner time! We ended up having ice cream for dinner because nothing sounded better than that and we were on vacation so we can do whatever we want! After we just hung around town and took some pictures!

And finally we went white water rafting in the morning and it was so much fun! We both looked ridiculous in wet suites but we didn't care!

And there you have it! We had such a good time and it was nice to get away and spend time together, I love my Jacob so much. He's such a great husband and today is our actual 4 year anniversary date! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kenny Chesney concert & Random pics

Last night we went to Kenny Chesney and it was awesome! Billy Currington opened up for him and I must say, I have a little crush on him! He so isn't my type look wise but his voice is so good I could not take my eyes off him! Kenny put on a great show too! I was so stressed out before because I was scared we wouldn't get a good seat but we were pretty close as far as the grass seats go! And the weather was perfect, overcast with a little wind. Tim McGraw was a little too hot so it almost sucked the fun out of the concert... This was much much better.

And here are some random pictures that I just want to post anyway... 

So at my company golf tournament I was checking people in and I saw Ty Corban! I wish I could have worked up the courage to ask him to take a picture with me but instead I just stalked him.. 

Jake working this ghetto gas pump haha it was cracking me up

I was babysitting for this adorable family and Brianna and Christian got into playing barbies with me (of course Christian wasn't, he was playing with his manly toys and chiming in once in a while) But we set up our audience for our dance recital that the barbies were putting on. I thought it was so cute, they were so into it and I even got my ipod goin with music. I'm not gunna lie, I had fun!

The dancers "backstage" 

Me and Jake got tickets from my work to go to RMR Oval Track- it was so much fun! My favorite were the train cars but it was to dark to take a picture of them. It was very entertaining! And afterwords they did the best firework show! I just wish they weren't playing the most loud and annoying music you could possibly dream up... That kind of ruined it but I just tuned it out and enjoyed the fireworks :) 

Dukertons waiting for Jake to come home on the swing in the backyard

Look how fat he looks! He was just letting it all hang out! 

I took him for a walk earlier that day and got in the shower... When I came out this is what I saw. Him passed out and sleeping by the door waiting for me... He's a lazy pup.